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Grabowski's Pizzeria | Denver, CO

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Update: July 14th, 2023- GRABOWSKIS HAS CLOSED PERMANENTLY! - Ownership is looking for a suburban location to possibly open back up in the future!

The best pizza in Denver is Chicago 'Tavern-Style' Pizza @ Denver's Source Hotel. Satisfy your crispy pizza fix, all thanks to Jared Leonard and Justin Anderson @grabowskis_pizzeria - 3350 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO 80216 - a MileHighDish Must-Dine

Grabowski's Invites you to eat your best life

Let's talk about the elephant in the room that all Chicagoans can relate to. While we all understand that anyone not from Chicago relates deep dish to Chicago pizza- You can't eat that big pie casually too often because well, it's filling, heavy and all you want to do after you eat it is nap. Enter stage left, Tavern-Style, thin crust pizza. It's equally as iconic to Chicago as the deep stuff, but gives you that pizza fix without putting you into a food coma.

Grabowski's is a wonderful, family friendly and truly Chicago style pizza joint that welcomes you in with classic red and white checkered table cloths in a casual atmosphere. If you're looking for real, local Chicago style pizza in Denver- this is your place. Great for carry out, delivery or catching up with friends over pizza and salad on their patio- Grabowski's is a must dine casual pizza spot.


The Food & Drink

The Classic Chicago with half spicy Giardiniera

This pizza is AMAZING. It's crunchy, crispy, sweet, cheesy, flavorful and perfect in every square cut bite. I dare you not to get addicted. They use high quality, fresh ingredients on their 6 signature pies. I recommend you pick one that catches your eye and run with it. They are super flexible when it comes to going half and half and customizing pizzas if you like. My favorites are the Classic Chicago add Pepperoni and the Supreme pizza. Their Italian fennel sausage is the best in Denver and rivals some of the Chicago greats. Whatever you choose, be sure to share and take home your leftovers!

The Supreme pizza, no green pepper

As for the rest of the menu, they feature appetizers like cheesy garlic bread, burrata Affogado and really great wings. They brine and smoke their wings before finishing them with Buffalo or Thai Chili sauce in the oven (Thai Chili wings with root beer pictured below).


Salads are fresh, healthy portions that are great to share and served with dressing on the side in classic wooden bowls. We loved the Grabowski salad, with roasted red pepper, artichokes, cucumbers, carrots and red wine vinaigrette. You gotta have your veggies!

The Grabowski Salad

To round out our evening with friends, we decided how could we not share their deep dish chocolate chip cookie. WOW, is this thing awesome. Covered with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge, you'll find a pocket in your totally full stomach for this bad boy.

If a cookie isn't going to be an option for you after stuffing your face with pizza and beer, I'd recommend the root beer float; with amazing root beer from Denver's oldest brewery Bull & Bush.

Grabowski's also has a full bar with some great beer choices in true Denver fashion. Local rotating beers from Ratio and New Belgium, craft beer available in cans and bottles and of course, classic beers like Coors Banquet and every Chicagoan's favorite, Old Style. We made the bold move of a sharing a "Chicago Handshake" which is an Old Style accompanied by a shot of Malort for $8.


Overall, Grabowski's is a fantastic option for authentic, Chicago Style, Tavern pizza that will impress Colorado Natives, delight former Midwesterners and bring people together to enjoy great food without breaking the bank. Kids love it too- They have an arcade in a loft above the kitchen as well as a tv in case you want to catch a game. They are open 7 days a week- Sunday-Thursday from 11-9pm and Friday and Saturday from 11-10pm. Also available for delivery on Doordash or carry-out. Parking is available in the Source parking garage.

Our bud Sammy Sweetheart enjoying his first Chicago Style Pizza!

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