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Mason's Dumplings | Aurora, CO

These Dumplings will keep you craving Dim Sum near the Stanley Marketplace. Get your steamed or pan-fried pot sticker satisfaction: at 9655 E Montview Blvd, Aurora, CO 80010- a MileHighDish Must-Dine

@Masonsdumplings boasts being not your average dumpling shop on their website and they are on point. Hailing from southern California (Mason's now has locations in L.A., Pasadena, Aurora and Boulder) Mason's specializes in "Honoring Tradition" with a limited menu that focuses on great Dumplings and other traditional items.


The Food & Drink

The highlight is the dumplings- Many kinds. Boiled, steamed soup and pan fried. They are delicious. They fly out of the kitchen as they are ready and our group really tore through them. We loved each kind in their own ways, prepared to perfection and really tasty with the traditional chili oil sauce and soy.

Soup Dumplings were a great start, with Crab and Pork as well as traditional Pork, both options contained a wonderful broth and were delicate to the touch- They Rival Star Kitchen and might be the best in Denver.

Traditional Steamed Soup Dumplings with Ginger

Crab and Pork Soup Dumplings


Pan fried pork and chicken dumplings deliver with a crunchy crust and flavorful filling that will have you pushing your tummy to the limit. We really enjoyed the pan fried chive pockets (bottom right). They had an empanada like vibe and were a nice change from the meat filling of the other dumplings.

We started with an array of veggies from the menu: Wood Ear mushrooms, Seaweed salad in chili and garlic sauce and small bok choy with oyster sauce. The 4 of us were concerned we ordered too much, but it was the perfect way to start our evening and we cleared the plates.

Wood Ear Mushrooms, Bok Choy & Seaweed Salad (left to right)



@Mason's Dumplings is a great casual spot to dine in or Carry-Out. Close to Lowry, Stanley Marketplace and Central Park, you can get there pretty easily from the east side of town. They are closed on Tuesday- Check out their website for their hours. Get excited and make sure to check out what people have been excited about in California and Colorado since 2001!

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