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Temaki Den | Denver, CO

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Hailing from the same ownership as Sushi Den, @TemakiDen offers outstanding, creative sushi in @theSourceDenver- delivering the quintessential Omakase experience- 3350 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO 80216 - a MileHighDish Must-Dine

The Lively Open Concept of Temaki Den


The Food & Drink

Let's jump right into how good the sushi is here. IT'S TOTALLY AWESOME. People from outside Denver like to say to me, "but Dish, Denver is literally in the middle of the country, how can there be good sushi there?" I promise you that we have legit, world class sushi in Colorado.

Temaki Den gets the freshest fish from all over the world, flown direct into Denver. I have been here twice in the past few months and haven't ordered off the menu. I prefer to go Omakase ("oh-muh-kaa-say"), which translates to, "I leave it up to you." This allows the staff to pick out the best fish of the day and some of the Temaki Den Must haves. They have not driven me wrong! For Omakase newbies, let your server know if there is anything you absolutely don't like to make sure you have a great time.


Hamachi Crudo with Ponzu Sauce

We started our evening with a nice Japanese Hamachi Crudo with a bright Ponzu sauce, which really brought so much flavor to get us going. Right away you can tell the chef means business.

Blue Fin Tuna & Stripe Jack, Blue Crab handroll, Hamachi & Otoro Tuna (left to right)

The next plates that came to the table were outstanding, and each piece of fish was somehow better than the last. Tuna, Hamachi, Crab and Otoro, Black Snapper, Hakaido Scallop, Lobster with Tamago, Unagi, Snow Crab and Wagyu Beef with Egg Yolk served with Miso Eggplant.

Hakaido Scallop & Black Snapper, Lobster with Tamago, Aburi Salmon & Aburi Unagi

15 pieces of Nigiri later, we finished one of the best meals I have had in my 5+ years in Denver. It's fair to say that picking highlights of this meal would do the others a disservice. But our favorites were the Aburi Unagi and Salmon as well as Aburi Toro. Aburi means flame charred in Japanese, which makes the fish taste like its melting in your mouth. It's incredible. The Miso Eggplant was sweet and well cooked while the Hakaido Scallop was delicate and well charred.

Spicy Tuna with Caviar and Miso Eggplant


Snow Crab with Masago & Wagyu beef and egg yolk

Each course was meticulously prepared with attention to detail at the forefront. Examples are the different types of preparations of each style of Nigiri and finishing pieces to elevate the fresh sushi to the next level.

Temaki Den also has a nice array of beer, wine and some Japanese influenced spirits - not to mention a fantastic sake selection. The food is definitely the star of the show, but rest assured you won't go thirsty.

No matter what you do, you can't go wrong at Temaki Den. This was one of my best restaurant experiences in Denver since 2017. Make sure to get a reservation, its a small place and the secret is already out! Would love to hear what you think of it, and your favorite dish. Reserve on Tock by clicking the link below to their website.


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