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Safta | Denver, CO | 4.8 Dishes

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Get the Mediterranean fix you didn't know you needed

@eatwithsafta at @thesourcedenver

Falafel w/Tahini, Baba Ganoush, Labneh, Wood Roasted Mushroom Hummus

(clockwise Left to right)


Food | 5 Dishes

I love coming here. I haven't ordered anything I would not get again. #Safta boasts outstanding middle eastern flavors in a family style setting. The restaurant recommends you get around 2 dishes per person, so there is plenty of opportunity to share and try multiple items (it's truly hard to narrow down your choices).

Highlights from my visits include: #falafel with tahini (the best I've ever had), baba ganoush, cheese borekas, Persian Rice (crispy tahdig) and the Moroccan Lamb Tagine not to mention the mountain of fresh pita that accompanies your meal complimentary. Each bite brings middle east spice, crunchy texture and the proper care to each dish.


Drinks | 4.7 Dishes

@eatwithSafta has an outstanding beverage menu. It includes creative cocktails with excellent depth, that leave you curious about what you're ordering, but happy you took the adventure. The 'Five Points Sling' was the big winner at my table. The gin-based play on a mai tai with a rum floater was a drink I could stick with all night. My table also enjoyed 'Feels Like Summer', a margarita spiced with aleppo pepper. Their wine list is versatile, with options from all over the globe while their beer list features craft brews from Colorado and Shepard's Blonde Lager from the West Bank in Palestine.

Five Points Sling @eatwithsafta


Service | 5 Dishes

Safta's service model is perfect for their menu and space. My servers have been outstanding time and time again. Why, you ask? The right amount of attentiveness and touches for the pace of service each time I have come. When I place my order, they make recommendations on how to course out the meal. The servers have had the opportunity to recommend great food and drinks while being there when I need them. You need to have a knowledgable staff when serving creative Mediterranean fare and they nail it every time. Great service is clearly a focus @eatwithsafta


Ambience | 4.7 Dishes

The first thing you notice is the open kitchen, with wood burning ovens and broilers and chefs working for all eyes to see. It's quite a delight to walk in and smell the kitchen immediately.

The setting at Safta has an industrial feel, with bright spot lights, light wood floors and tables and a hip, busy feel from the moment you walk up to the restaurant to your table. The warm, light and bright colors are welcoming, which contrast the intimidating menu with foreign ingredients to balance out the diner's experience. With soft music and beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains, this restaurant delivers a memorable setting.


Overall | 4.8 Dishes

I love Safta! Their overall ascetic warms your entire palate and delivers a dining experience you will crave to come back to. It's everything I want in gourmet dining with the price being just right at a check average of $60 with cocktails. Each time I come I have a hard time ordering because everything is outstanding. The best part is that you can come back for more and get a completely different array of items and you will be just as wowed every time!

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